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DSCSport V Series Controller
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Available for all viper models fitted with Factory Equipped ECS (Electronic Controlled Suspension), the V Series Controller is a simple Plug N Play controller that replaces the factory suspension controller, offering both improved track performance and street comfort. Like all DSC Sport controllers, it allows users to tune by g-force, brake pressure, acceleration, speed, steering, and control the effective damping range via shock calibration controlled by our unique DSC Sport algorithm.

Retail Price: $1,290.00

Tractive DDA – RT Package


DSCsport Viper Active Shock Kit

DSC Sport is proud to offer the finest in digital suspension technology for the gen V Dodge Viper! The VE Active Suspension Kit provides the finest in digital suspension technology to one of the most powerful, torque-happy production cars on the market. DSC Sport and Tractive DDA have transformed the Viper’s handling characteristics, allowing the driver to put down power sooner and more smoothly than ever before for better handling and faster lap times. Paired with Viper Exchange’s extensive set up knowledge, this package is sure to be a winner!

Utilizing the same technology and tuning strategies as the Porsche Plug N Play V1 Controller, the VE Active Suspension Kit makes use of CAN data inputs including g-force (x,y,z axis), braking, steering, rate of acceleration, and speed. Whether you’re attacking the curbing at your favorite track, launching off the line for your fastest 1/4 mile, or simply driving to work, DSC Sport and Tractive DDA will provide the optimum damping value for your every need. Real Time. Real Results.

* DSCSport Controller Sold Separately

Retail Price: $5,999.00

Tractive DDA – RTx Package


DSCsport Viper Tractive DDA- RTx Suspension Kit

The Road/Track Xtreme (RTx) package offers all the benefits of the RT package with the addition of the remote canister featuring a remote divider piston and optional high/low speed compression adjustment. The RTx package is designed for hardcore competition racers, and it is vital for endurance racing. The additional housing volume for nitrogen and oil provides greater heat dissipation, allowing for more consistent damping over prolonged periods of use.

Retail Price: $7995.00

Videos of Vipers with DSCsport active suspension kits and controllers in action.