DSC Tuner Software

Your new DSC controller comes pre-programmed for the vehicle it was ordered for. It is a Plug-N-Play product. It is not necessary to do any tuning on your new DSC Sport controller. The DSC Tuner software is for users who prefer to do custom tuning (previous suspension tuning skills and basic PC skills are recommended), or to explore the powerful capabilities of our product. Please acknowledge the following notes and user responsibilities.

How to Download DSC Tuner Software::

  1. Scroll down and Select Register Button.
  2. This will bring you to the Software Registration page. Register for the DSC Sport Tuning Software. Once registered, download using the link provided in your confirmation email sent by DSC Sport Tuners.
  3. Once downloaded, open the file which may need to be extracted DSC Sport Tuner 1.9.5 Installer.
  4. Highlight the extracted DSC Sport Tuner 1.9.5 Installer, right click, and run as Administrator if issues occur after double clicking.
  5. The DSC Sport Tuner 1.9.5 Installer package will appear.
  6. Hit start installation.
  7. After this, it will automatically apply the DSC Sport Tuner 1.9.5 to a shortcut.
  8. You are now ready to use DSC Sport Tuner 1.9.5 for reading, writing, and communication to the DSC Sport Controller, you can verify this by using the Tuner software, going to the Tools Tab, and selecting Reset Board, if “Board is Reset” appears, you have communication with the DSC.

Please Acknowledge the Following:

– DSC Tuner software is designed only for use with Windows 7/10 PC. Requires USB-MINI cable(ver 2.0) to communicate to the device.
– DSC Tuner software download has a USB driver packaged in. It is not necessary to download a USB driver separately.
– We are not held responsible for Firewall and other settings in your PC that blocks the software/driver installation.
– Depending on your PC settings, some will give you a Run option, “Run as Admin” if applicable to your PC.
– Disregard info from outdated videos and literature since our download packaging streamlines and improves over time for your convenience.
– Support is provided to the new product purchaser for one year on the use of our software.
– Self-support is available by using the Support Video page on this website. That can be found here: Support Videos
– PC settings and other IT related matters outside of the actual use of our software is unsupported by us.
– It is the user’s choice to use this software. DSC is not responsible for any subsequent events nor damage

If you are having issues connecting to the DSC Sport Controller after the installation of the Tuner Software, please refer here for help: Software Help

Important Notice

Private label suspension controllers are not able to be tuned
with the DSC Sport Tuning Software