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Plug N Play Performance

Replacing the factory suspension controller, the DSC Sport V1 and V2 Plug N Play controllers optimize your factory dampers to their fullest potential. The V1 and V2 controller transforms your suspension into a truly active system, providing load-based, real-time damper tuning based on driver inputs. Inputs include g-force, brake pressure, vehicle speed, throttle position, shock piston velocity, and more depending on vehicle year, make, and model.

The simplest, most profound upgrade you can make to your suspension!


The Finest Digital Damper

Controlled by the DSC Sport controller, the Tractive DDA line is unlike any other electronic damper in the world. From its incredibly fast response rate and state-of-the-art electronics and valve design to its superior build quality and design, Tractive makes no compromise on quality. Tractive Suspension spent three years of extensive calculation, simulation, and engineering before the DDA valve was put into production. Paired with the DSC Sport controller, the Tractive DDA line offers the most sophisticated and highest-performing active suspension solution for all situations.


Suspension Tuning Redefined

Tune your chassis like never before! Available free of charge, the DSC Sport Tuning Software allows users to customize their active suspension for various aftermarket modifications, vehicle setups, track types, rain conditions, or to match personal preferences. Not a suspension engineer? DSC Sport offers free one-on-one tuning support, provided by our in-house suspension gurus.

DSC Sport puts the power of a suspension engineer in the palm of your hand.