RestoMod Applications

(American Muscle)


Model #: 02-RESTO-06-Sa
An industry first! RideTech/DSC Sport now offers the first ever user definable active suspension system for RestoMod applications! Experience the same level of track performance and street comfort available in modern sports cars for all of your favorite American muscle car classics. Using additional sensors to gather all of the necessary inputs, RideTech/DSC Sport will adjust each individual shock in virtually real time to provide the ideal damping values for any situation.

Inputs include:
• G-Force
• Brake Pressure *additional sensor required*
• Wheel Speed (mph) *additional sensor required*
• Throttle Position (for carbureted/EFI engines) *additional sensor required*

How Do We Do It?

Using a Stand Alone wiring harness designed specifically for muscle cars, we wire the car for electronic shocks and their communication with the DSC Sport Stand Alone Controller. Analog sensors including an accelerometer (g-force), brake pressure, wheel speed (mph), and throttle position (for carbureted engines) are then converted to digital signals for communication with the DSC Sport software.