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Ford Focus RS – Controller


The easiest, fastest, and best Plug-N-Play suspension upgrade for your Focus RS! Intended to replace the factory suspension controller to work with the OEM shocks as well as Tractive shocks and other aftermarket electronic suspension options

Model #: 02-0FRS-06-V1 


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Transform the handling of your Ford Focus RS with the DSC Sport controller! The DSC Sport V1 controller is a Plug N Play active suspension controller that replaces the OEM suspension controller and comes fully pre-programmed ready to use. With our revolutionary tuning strategy, DSC Sport provides your Ford Focus RS with better track handling and improved daily comfort. DSC Sport will improve the ride of your Ford Focus RS and remove the “pogo” effect, all while offering improved grip and reduced squat, dive, and roll on track!

By expanding the dynamic range and rate of response of your OEM controller, DSC Sport is able to utilize more sensory input data and provide real time damping solutions. By gathering g-force, wheel speed, throttle position, and brake pressure; DSC Sport adjusts each individual damper in real time to provide the most optimum damper performance both on and off the track.

Using the DSC Sport Tuning Software, users can custom tune their suspension to personal preference. Set maximum and minimum damper rates and tuning characteristics for various driving scenarios, vehicle setups, and personal preference. DSC Sport puts the power of a suspension engineer in the palm of your hand.

In the Event of a Backorder: DSC Sport Controllers that are listed as backordered will be shipped as soon as we receive the shipment from our supplier. If you ordered an item while it was listed as “Backordered” we will not issue a refund.

We recommend leaving the USB MINI Cable out of the controller while driving. Only connect when necessary to make changes to the DSC Sport controller. 

Additional information
Weight 7.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 7 in
DSC Sport USB Tuning Cable

Include DSC Sport USB Tuning Cable, Do Not Include Cable

Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Ford Focus RS – Controller

  1. Simon

    (verified owner):

    The DSC V1 controller works very well ! Previously even in Normal mode, the ride was so harsh I needed a back cushion to ease the pain. After installing DSC V1, I found driving in Sports mode with stiff suspension setting extremely pleasant.
    Please help me thank your technical team for a job well done.

  2. Robert

    (verified owner):

    The DSC V1 controller tamed the overdamped stock suspension on the Focus RS. In factory trim, Track mode was unbearable. I now routinely use track mode, thanks to DSC! The car still feels planted, but the punishing nature of the suspension has been drastically reduced. I am looking forward to coupling this with the Tractive kit. The only negative is a high systemic cost, but well functioning parts should not come cheap.

  3. Andrew Goreczny

    (verified owner):

    The DSC Sport V1 controller is a great upgrade for the focus RS as a daily driver. My wife and I are now actually looking forward to driving it on our next road trip and not being overly punished for the decision. As far as cornering performance, I can’t yet say for sure, as most of the roads where I just moved are fairly straight, a bit dissapointing… With that said I look forward to the Tractive kit to pair with the controller when the stock dampers get worn out.

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