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TPC Racing Pro Race Adjustable Sway Bars



TPC Racing Pro Race Adjustable Sway Bars are developed based on the knowledge gathered from TPC Racing championship-winning race cars. TPC Racing Adjustable Sway Bars feature a 5-way adjustable front sway bar and a 4-way adjustable rear sway bar. TPC Racing Sway Bars are perfectly suitable for pro racing, club racing, DE events, and spirited road drives. They function as an excellent improvement to your vehicle’s handling characteristics, without sacrificing any of its comfortable ride quality.

Sway bars work by controlling the load transfers across the front and rear of a vehicle. These are a major contributing factor to whether a car will have a tendency to exhibit oversteer(loose) or understeer(tight). With TPC Racing’s revised sway bar rates tested on both the street and track, now any driver can gain the edge of a chassis with nearly perfect stability, consistency, and predictability through any corner.

Availability: 986 | 996 | 987 | 997 | 981 | 991

Additional information
Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 12 × 6 in

986 (front links required, rear optional), 996 C2/C2S (front links required), 996 Turbo/C4 (no links required if stock ride height), 996 GT3/GT2 (no links required), 987 (front links required, rear optional), 997 C2/C2S (front links required), 997 Turbo/C4 (no links required if stock ride height), 997 GT3/RS/GT2 (no links required), 991 C2/C2S (front links required), 981 (front links required, rear optional)

Drop Links

No Drop Links, Rear Only, Front Only, Front & Rear

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