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DSC Sport Tractive RT DDA Kit Dodge Viper


Starting in April of 2024 all shocks are now shipped with eibachs springs, swift springs are available for additional cost. Actual product may differ from image

The DSC Sport active suspension offers the finest suspension technology for your gen V Dodge Viper! With the finest in active damper technology, DSC will transform the way your Viper drives. Reduce body roll and tail wiggle, increase lateral grip and high speed stability, and improve street comfort! DSC Sport will provide your Viper with a fully active suspension setup that responds and adapts to every driver input, optimizing damping rate in real time.

* DSCSport Controller Sold Separately


What is great about the Tractive kit is very easy to explain! First off, we have fully functioning efficient dampening capability from as low as 1% all the way to 100% unlike the OEM dampers on Porsches, GM vehicles, Chrysler, and more that come standard. In comparison to the other shock manufacturers noticeable right off the bat from appearance, what we can tell you is that the Tractive RT package has a coating process that gives maximum protection against corrosion and environmental influences that would normally cause issues later down the road with traditional silver, chrome, or clear coatings.

Tractive has developed the most advanced and FASTEST responding electronic actuating valves in the market to control and manage electronic dampening systems. Countless calculations have been performed before the first prototype of the Tractive DDA valve was put to the test. The aim was high, the fastest moving and most stable bi-directional, internal proportional, damping valve with the upmost linear adjustment behavior possible. A valve that wouldn’t be impressed by working temperatures below -30 C or above 140 C. These DDA valves, which are patented, also are widely used in the BMW/KTM motorcycle industry ESPECIALLY BMW as well as other automotive manufactures. If you are familiar with WP Suspension, the owners made Tractive in order to advance themselves into the automotive industry with their vast amount of expertise and engineering experience to provide the highest quality dampers possible on the market for automobiles. Tractive kept in mind during the design process the location of where the DDA valve was to be located and carefully chose for the added benefits in regards to any environment for the fastest moving parts with respect to cooling, lubrication, and corrosive and environmental influences.

The DDA valves curve is controlled by the DSC controller which allows for the fastest reaction times based from LIVE CAN various inputs from the vehicle which allows reaction time within 6 milliseconds! The DSC Sport controller is a MUST with the Tractive RT damper package. The seals to the Tractive dampers are a proprietary design that offer the lowest stiction in the industry. Guide clearance and sizing as well as the tightest in the industry. The DSC Sport Controller allows for NO MORE TOOLS NEEDED! This added benefit is great in itself, you won’t have to ever worry about getting the car up in the air or pulling out a screwdriver to adjust your compression and rebound, this can all be adjust via DSC Sport controller! You get a TRUE active working suspension thanks to DSC Sports controller algorithm and the LIVE CAN data it sees from the vehicle the DSC Sport controller managing the Tractive RT (or other brands) package gets input from Acceleration, G-force, Velocity, Steering, Brakes, Speed, and more incorporated into the most advanced algorithm (with over a decade in experience handling CAN data, algorithms, and calibration file tuning on our own product) to give you the best and most affordable bolt on product out for main stream manufactures being the DSC Sport controller.

(Price is for the Coilover Kit only, the DSC Sport Controller is required to operate this system)

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Upgrade to Swift Springs, Standard Springs

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