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DSC Sport C7 Coilover Conversion



The Coilover Conversion package introduces the DDA damper for the Corvette C7. The patented DDA valve offers the fastest, most dynamic, and most consistent damping range of any electronic damper on the market. Responding to commands from the DSC controller in only six milliseconds, the DDA allows for a more sophisticated tuning file, relying less heavily on predictive control strategies.

This conversion kit is based on the RTs C7 dampers but now includes new spring perches and Swift springs. The springs can be standard spec rates or custom based on individual setup needs.

The newly designed RTs damper kit will gain you additional piston stroke of up to 2 inchs with the rear having the canister and front being the new emulsion shock. The shock bodies have been shortened to have no compromise to a lower ride height, even though we recommend stock ride height for our kits.

The mechanical build also sets the DDA apart from all other class competitors. Offering the finest guide seal on the market (.01mm), the DDA damper withstands heavy load changes with no signs of hysteresis or stiction. The result is the world’s most versatile suspension system that provides a previously unheard of combination of race-winning performance on the track and daily driver comfort for the street.

Unlock the full potential of 650hp with DSC Sport Suspension!

For owners who already own the C7 RTs dampers and want to upgrade, please inquire by emailing us at Sales@dscsport.com

Additional information
Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 15 in
V4 DSC Sport Controller Option

Include V4 DSC Sport Controller, Exclude V4 DSC Sport Controller

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