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Ford Raptor – Controller

(4 customer reviews)


Model #: 02-0150-06-V4
Improve the ride and grip of your Gen 2 Ford Raptor with our simple Plug N Play controller! The easiest, fastest, and best Plug-N-Play suspension upgrade for your Raptor! Intended to replace the factory suspension controller to work with the OEM Fox Live Valve shocks. Fits Gen 2 Ford Raptors factory equipped with the Fox Live Valve Suspension

DSC Controller Features:
• Custom suspension calibrations for all factory modes
• Completely Plug-N-Play, only a 5 minute install
• All New G-Out Function, OS button on steering wheel
• Increased stability on and off road
• Data log analysis and memory
• High-Speed CAN Data inputs up to 1000 times per second
• User Definable Tuning Tables
• Improved stability when towing

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The easiest, fastest, and best Plug-N-Play suspension upgrade for your Ford Raptor! The controller, intended for use with the factory Fox LiveValve shocks comes fully pre-programmed ready to go, replaces the factory suspension control module. The DSC Sport Controller fully and completely interfaces with the Raptors’s factory dash display and controls. Using the DSC Sport tuning software, users have the ability to tune the suspension just like tuning the engine, including full velocity tuning!

Tables include:
• G Force
• Brake Pressure
• Steering Angle
• Speed
• Acceleration
• Shock Calibration
• Velocity
• Performance Traction Management (PTM)

Future plans to add the DSC Sport controller will feature a G-Out, or O.S. Button (short for oh sh*t). This will utilize the factory OK button on the steering wheel, pressing the OK button while airborne will enter the suspension into a G-Out mode. This G-Out mode will alter the shock compression to be used ahead of a high impact event. This is a feature utilized throughout many off road racing disciplines and is very beneficial to high speed off road driving.

In the Event of a Backorder: DSC Sport Controllers that are listed as backordered will be shipped as soon as we receive the shipment from our supplier. If you ordered an item while it was listed as “Backordered” we will not issue a refund.




Additional information
Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 7 in
Include DSC Sport Tuning Cable

Include DSC Sport Tuning Cable, Do Not Include DSC Sport Tuning Cable

Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Ford Raptor – Controller

  1. Michael Arenella
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Houston, TX 2019 Raptor. I received my controller today. You will need a 7mm deep socket or 7mm socket on 2 inch 1/4 extension. There are three bolts to remove with the top most bolt being the most pesky to get out. Unplug two sockets from the stock unit, and replace with the DSC. Even dropping two screws that both managed to get under the carpet I was able to do it under 10 min. I hit the start the button with my foot off the gas to check for codes, and I was good to go. This was definitely the fastest suspension modification that I have ever done. A nice change from “that spring compressor should be strong enough to compress those springs…”
    I just got the unit today so I have not been able to doing any off-road driving yet. Here are my street driving impressions. It is so much better it hard to believe I am driving on the same shocks. Everything is better, cornering, compliance, acceleration, and especially braking. I have a big brake kit on my Raptor. Before hard braking in my truck had you feeling like you were doing a rolling wheelie. Now stomping on the brakes drops the nose just enough for proper weight transfer but no more. It feels like a sports car stopping. Your Raptor will now turn like a sports car. I actually think I could autocross my Raptor now. I am not saying I would be competitive, but I would be having a blast the whole way around the track. Overall, the confidence gain in throwing the truck around after installing the DSC controller is massive. I tackled a few railroad crossings, and the truck was composed and very compliant.
    I am posting this ASAP even though I admit it only half a test because I do not live near any off-road testing locations. I will try as soon as I can but this Holliday period is hard to get free time for off-reading I know many Raptor fans want to increase their trucks performance without having to full bore with weld in racks & external by-pass shocks thru the bed of the truck. I can definitely say this is truly plug n play. The results however will make you feel like you spent money on all four corners of the truck.
    I hope that both King & Fox step-up to work with DSC. I think an electronically controlled external by-pass shock with a finned external reservoir would be an amazing set-up. You could get amazing bump absorption without the crazy body roll & pitching that most passive shocks tuned for extreme off-road provide. Ken Block refers to his Baja Trophy Truck handling “like driving a marshmallow.” Technology should allow us to have marshmallow like bump absorption, and sports car like turn-in.

  2. Will
    5 out of 5


    It is a 5 minute install, 3 -7mm screws in the footwell where a foot operated e-brake would be, 2 quick disconnect plugs that are color coded. Prior to install I saved a copy of the baseline config maps. You certainly don’t have to, it is plug and play, but I’m the type that will analyze and play with the settings. The plug adapter is conveniently located for very easy connection when I do change maps, about 5 seconds to open drivers door and plug in. My truck is a SCAB, with Deaver +3 out back and 1.75 collars on the front. I took a test drive around the block with several speedbumps and turns. I could tell a difference in seconds; much softer when no G loading, and instantly / progressively firm and predictable when any G s from turning or braking. It swallowed the speedbumps much smoother in sport mode than the stock unit did in normal. I’ll run around for a few weeks with the factory DSC settings before playing with the tuning tables. Plan to be in the desert or mountains during the Thanksgiving holiday. I do off-road the truck, but for those looking for feedback on high speed runs down the rutted trails, that’s not me, I have a buggy and bikes for that. I have the DSC sport for a C7Z06, so am very familiar with how tuneable this is. For me, the extreme tuneability of the DSC ( easy with lots of online tutorials on the DSC site) outweighs the dial a tune of the e-click. Also, big kudos to Tom at DSC, he answered my detailed calibration mapping questions within a couple hours of me sending an e-mail…the info is not something needed to use the DSC with factory maps, but I’m eventually going to play with the maps and wanted all the details.

  3. Mark
    5 out of 5


    Just installed and zeroed out the ride height on Thursday. I was able to hit the Dez for a few hours on Friday. Superstition area, Sand dunes , fast hard pack , washes ect a little of everything. The drive out was nice I feel softer yet controlled . In the dirt I was able to drive much faster than usual, the truck was just easy and smooth. Next I want to play with the front bump zone settings for fitting 37’s

  4. Kerry
    5 out of 5


    Special thanks to the DSC Sport team for my newly acquired controller (on the truck above). The team is amazing and they really know performance racing. That was exactly what I was looking for. I showed up, asked a bunch of questions, they answered every one and installed my controller + zeroed.

    Top noticeable characteristics with the controller– 1. cornering (wow, is it fun not to wobble all over. it almost feels like enhanced damping), 2. braking (the nose is not all over the place like before. my son thought I switched the front springs out when I gave him a test drive) 3. pothole absorption (much more controlled; just soaks them up–especially in the rear), 4. towing (more controlled in lightweight towing, but i didn’t need to switch to a towing mode. all modes are much more controlled, but tbh, I found ‘normal’ to be surprisingly sufficient in aggressive cornering in wet/slippery terrain, braking, object avoidance and towing. Lastly, 5. less rear-end hopping..the absorption was noticeable–felt much more controlled at higher speeds.

    I haven’t tested off-road yet (although many streets in the city should be considered off road), but I will report my findings once achieved.
    In short: my opinion: this controller is a must have if you want better performance without messing with springs/leaf. I found the value more noticeable with more aggressive driving. at low speeds not too much difference, braking benefits are much more noticeable, but the controller really shines with aggressive driving, imo. I’m sure it will be fine for springs and leaf upgrades. If you’re looking to keep the Gen 2 19/20 stock, but want better handling, I think the controller is worth the investment.

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