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V4 Controller

Replacing the factory shock controller, the DSC Sport V4 is a state-of-the-art user definable suspension controller that fully interfaces with the factory dash display and controls. The V4 Controller features velocity calculations as well as brake pressure, g-force, acceleration, steering, speed (mph), and full individual shock calibration tables. Digitally tune the chassis just as you would the engine! Tune more grip into the tire, while tuning a more compliant ride for the street. The DSC Sport V4 Controller is equally at home as a daily driver or full-time track setup.

Retail Price: $1,490.00

V4 Controller Bracket for Mustang

Install your DSCsport controller securely with our new all steel bracket.

Retail Price: $75

RT Package

The Road/Track (RT) package is the introductory level coilover kit for the Tractive DDA line. It features the patented DDA damper and billet aluminum top mounts on all four corners. The RT package is suitable for street driving, DE days, club racing, and professional sprint races with no sacrifices on performance or compliance

Retail Price: $6,900.00

RTx Package

The Road/Track Xtreme (RTx) package offers all the benefits of the RT package with the addition of the remote canister featuring a remote divider piston and optional high/low speed compression adjustment. The RTx package is designed for hardcore competition racers, and it is vital for endurance racing. The additional housing volume for nitrogen and oil provides greater heat dissipation, allowing for consistent damping over prolonged periods of use.

RTx PLUS Package
RTx canister

Building off the features of the RTx package, the RTx PLUS package offers the addition of quick connect fittings for the remote reservoir hose. This allows for ease of installation, as well as eliminating the need to drill holes into the vehicle to mount the remote canister.

Tractive Suspension

Founded in 2010 by former core members of the R&D and production departments of WP Suspension, Tractive Suspension is dedicated to producing the finest quality electronically adjustable active suspension components for the sports car and motorbike markets.

The Tractive DDA line, powered by DSC Sport, features the patented DDA valve. Boasting a response time of only six milliseconds, the DDA valve offers the fastest, most dynamic, and most consistent damping range of any electronic valve on the market.

The mechanical build also sets the Tractive DDA line apart from all other class competitiors. Offering the finest guide seal, piston, and shim stack arrangemment on the market (.01mm guide clearance), the DDA damper withstands heavy load changes with no signs of hysteresis or stiction. The result is the world’s most versatile suspension system that provides a previously unheard of combination of race-winning performance on the track and daily driver comfort on the street.