Firmware Files

***WARNING: We recommend ONLY updating the firmware if it is absolutely necessary to resolve an issue*** 

C7 Note: If your DSC Sport controller is working fine, there is no need to update the Firmware. All V4 units purchase since 5/16/19 has the latest firmware update.

Important Note: Firmware files are for relevant applications only. For advanced level conversions, the controller must be sent to us. Service fee applies for conversions. DO NOT ATTEMPT to convert your DSC for another vehicle using the firmware below. Damage may occur. 

Vehicle(s) Date Notes File
Camaro (gen 6) 05.11.19 For V4 ONLY, for ALL years and models Download_32x32
Corvette C7 06.19.19 V1/V2 All Early models ONLY Latest Firmware, will not work ’18+ C7 Download_32x32
Corvette C7 12.17.17 V3 Improved Velocity Tuning Download_32x32
Corvette C7 05.11.19 For V4 ONLY, for ALL years and models includes 2018, 2019, & ZR1. Download_32x32
Ford Focus RS 04.11.18 Fuel Gauge Fix Download_32x32
Mustang GT350 09.10.18 V3 Improved Velocity Tuning, driver-mode selection fix Download_32x32
Nissan GT-R (R35) 04.17.17 GT-R Improved Launch Control Download_32x32
Porsche 996 09.19.16 For SA(Stand Alone) DSC Active Suspension
Conversion Kit
Porsche 997.2/987.2
(Gen 2 cars only)
11.17.17 For 2-Mode DSC
Porsche 997.1/987.1
(DSC accelerometer Gen 1 cars only) .
10.16.17  For use with DSC 3-axis accelerometer
Porsche 981/991.1 04.04.19  For use with V3 Only! Download_32x32
Porsche 991.2 08.25.19  For use with V3 Only! Download_32x32

Firmware Installer

ATTENTION: Ignition should remain off for entirety of Firmware update process

  1. Download the Firmware Installer (DSC Utility). Once downloaded, unzip the file folder to run the DSC Utility.
  2. Once downloaded, unzip the firmware file (firmware should have a .dsc extension).
  3. If you wish to keep your current .pdts file, open the DSC Tuner, read and save your .pdts file. Rewrite it to the controller after step 8, if desired.
  4. Connect DSC controller before running DSC Utility.
  5. Check the “Firmware and EEprom” box in the DSC Sport Utility
  6. Open the desired Firmware file.
  7. Press “Update.”
  8. Once completed, exit the DSC Utility and disconnect your DSC Sport controller to reset the board. It is good practice to open the DSC Sport Tuner to check the current firmware version and read your .pdts file to ensure the update installed properly. For instructions on checking firmware version using the DSC Utility, see p. 15 of the Software User Manual.