Steve Kepler(left), Michael Levitas(right)
Shot by Kaleb Kelley – ShortShift Media

DSC Sport wins all five USCA challenges sweeping the GTS Class!

Back from Daytona International Speedway, DSC Sport couldn’t be any more pleased from the results from Round 2 of the OPTIMA’s Search for the Ultimate Street Car series. Not only did the DSC Sport GT2RSx out perform on the Hot lap challenge against fierce competition, but two DSC Sport equipped vehicles shared all the podium finishes! All five challenges were dominated by DSC Sport which includes the Hot Lap (Road Racing Circuit) Challenge, AutoX Challenge, Speed Stop (Launch and Stop) Challenge, Design & Engineering Challenge, and the Road Rally Challenge. These challenges are perfect proving grounds of the extreme versatility of our ultra-innovative DSC Sport active suspension technology.

Shot by Kaleb Kelley – ShortShift Media

With the DSC Sport GT2RSx piloted by Michael Levitas and the DSC Sport equipped 2013 Nissan R35 GT-R prepared by DSC Sport dealer BSE Performance piloted by Steve Kepler, the two DSC Sport vehicles have the DSC Sport/Tractive suspension package right out of the box. Both DSC Sport equipped street legal cars dominated the round at Daytona International Speedway by putting on the ultimate battle between the five challenges in the GTS class. The Hot Lap win went to the DSC Sport GT2RSx, while the DSC Sport equipped GT-R took the wins for the AutoX, Speed Stop, and Design & Engineering challenges. The Road Rally challenge was easy point score for both cars demonstrating exceptional road comfort and versatility. There can only be one overall winner in the GTS class and that went to Steve Kepler in the DSC Sport equipped GT-R receiving the invite to the final round in Las Vegas. So that is one DSC Sport vehicle invited to the final and one more to go!

Shot by Kaleb Kelley – ShortShift Media

DSC Sport in this example has been proven to be the most versatile component installed for handling all five challenges by demand with a dominating performance established in Daytona from the high-speed nearly vertical banks to the in-fields twists and turns. With the DSC Sport active suspension technology incorporated into both vehicles, the active system has shown its advantages in all five challenges.

Face-to-Face, the battle of the Ultimate Street Cars!

The next stop for DSC Sport of the OPTIMA’s Search for the Ultimate Street Car series will be Jun 1-2 Round 3 at NCM Motorsports Park. Both DSC Sport equipped challengers will face off head-to-head again in Bowling Green, Kentucky for the next battleground of competition and displaying the technological marvel of the DSC Sport controller as proven for any road condition and driving style once again. Regardless of which DSC Sport competitor, another win is another win for all DSC Sport users!

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