Summit Point, WV – During a day of testing and driver coaching, both DSC Sport staff and customer, Simeon Bright, found incredible gains in the Mustang GT350 when using the DSC Sport V2 controller. Harris Levitas of TPC Racing and DSC Sport spent the day coaching a local client in his Mustang GT350 at Summit Point Motorsports Park, Main Circuit. Regardless of driver and time of day, the duo found consistent gains of 1.5 to 2.0 seconds when using the DSC Sport V2 controller.

Levitas, DSC Sport employee and driver coach, noticed significant improvements with the latest DSC Sport calibration file for the Mustang, despite a hot, greasy afternoon track.

“Way better back to power. Way better than in April. I couldn’t believe what a difference it made, especially in the afternoon! I couldn’t get power down very well at all with the stock unit. Put the DSC back in, and it hooked right up!” Recalls Levitas.

Harris wasn’t able to accompany the local customer to his track outing on Wednesday, but the customer was sure to send a few texts reemphasizing his own enthusiasm for the DSC Sport controller:

“Brought the 1:27 down to a 1:25 today! Car feels great! I’m amazed at how much smoother the ride is in addition to the performance improvement; it just floats over bumps!”

DSC Sport controllers for the Mustang GT350/R are available for purchase at www.dscsport.com or an authorized DSC Sport dealer.