Gone are the days of turning knobs to dial in a suspension setup. DSC Sport, developer of popular active suspension controllers and respective tuning software, has released its Wi-Fi compatibility in beta mode for select applications. For a limited time, Corvette C7, Mustang GT350/R, and Camaro SS customers can enjoy free Wi-Fi activation. The Wi-Fi feature allows for easier accessibility to DSC Sport’s revolutionary tuning features across multiple platforms and devices.

Until now DSC Sport customers had to physically connect to a laptop or desktop with a Windows operating system to access the DSC Sport Tuning Software. The Wi-Fi feature now allows users to access essential tuning features from any operating system or device, including but not limited to Windows, Mac, and Android devices; users can even tune their suspension right from their smart phone!

However, owner and engineer of DSC Sport, Michael Levitas, sees the technology going much further:

“As of now, Wi-Fi is allowing more customers to access the tuning software with more ease. However, looking into the near future, there is so much more we can do with Wi-Fi. Everything from remote tuning sessions, more diagnostic and troubleshooting tools, remote data acquisition, and potentially some social features as well that will help us develop a community of active suspension tuners and driving enthusiasts. The possibilities are really endless, and we look forward to continuing to introduce new features and building on everything that makes DSC Sport such a great product.”

For now customers can enjoy Wi-Fi activation free of charge. DSC Sport has noted that the company will likely charge a small fee for this service in the future. Customers who take advantage of the free Wi-Fi activation during the beta release will continue to enjoy full Wi-Fi support free of charge after the full release.

Learn about how to set up Wi-Fi connection and navigate the Wi-Fi tuning software in the video below: