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Armed with nothing but his stock 2015 GT-R Nismo, a DSCsport V1 Controller, and a laptop loaded with the latest DSCsport Tuning Software, Mike Levitas sets a SMASHING lap time of 2:01.5 at Virginia International Raceway’s full course!

For its first track outing, Levitas left the GT-R completely stock (tires, pressure, alignment, etc.), save for the DSCsport V1 Controller. The setup featured stock Dunlop tires, stock tire pressures at 30psi with no nitrogen, and even a stock alignment.

After making improvements to the tuning file in his DSCsport V1 controller over a two day period, Levitas conquered VIR with a mind-bending 2:01.5 on street tires, adding that the GT-R performed “with ease.”

The car was amazing I have never had a showroom stock car get anywhere near this laptime at VIR – not even the GT2. We repeatedly went consistent 2:01‘s with the latest DSC tune. I think we may be able to go 2:00 flat with a new set of Dunlop tires and nitrogen and a few mil toe out in the front. the test was done with the tires set to 30psi cold with no nitrogen; the tires were going to 43psi in 2-3 laps. we really ran the tires off the car!