Say hello to our not-so-little-friend – the VLF Force 1 V10.

Designed by Henrik Fisker, the VLF Force 1 V10 embodies everything that is American Muscle with the added elegance of yacht-worthy luxury and visual appeal.


The VLF Force One features a hot-rodded engine and tweaked chassis borrowed from the gen V Dodge Viper, giving it its long hood and rear-positioned cabin.

It’s 8.4L V10 hot-rodded Dodge Viper engine produces 745hp (100hp more than its Viper counterpart) and boasts a top speed of 218 mph. Delivering 638 lb-ft torque, the Force 1 travels from 0-60 in an impressive three seconds and puts down a 10.97 quarter mile at 136 mph. It’s one of the most powerful naturally aspirated engines in the world.

So why are we – an active suspension company – drooling over what is essentially a Dodge Viper on steroids? Well, the engine specs hardly scratch the surface.

“I believe there is room in the market for a daily driver that embodies all the attributes of the best track racing car, and the comfort of a luxurious sports car” said Fisker. “Extreme power, great aesthetics and pristine handling make for a superior ride in Force 1, an American Super Car.”

This two-seat high performance supercar features an all carbon-fiber body; 21-inch concave Aluminum wheels; complete leather, suede, and alcantara trim; onboard Wi-Fi; navigation and Hi-Fi; and two wine/champagne holders located in the middle console. It even features a leather and suede sunglasses holder and a milled aluminum hidden pen holder. The full list of features and amenities leaves you wondering whether you’re researching a performance vehicle or an executive suite.


The VLF Force 1 V10’s interior, complete with two champagne bottle holders, is nothing short of extraordinary.

It seems only natural that a car with such awe-inspiring performance and luxury should have a suspension to match, and something about this philosophy seems very familiar. This is where DSC Sport comes in.

DSC Sport and Tractive Suspension serve as the link between the Force 1’s 745 horsepower and the pavement. By using soft springs and revised valving on the active suspension package, DSC Sport is able to deliver extreme comfort and race car performance, as needed, in this high-performance luxury sports car. For a car with so much power and so much luxury, a dual purpose suspension was crucial for the success of the car from inception. Fisker himself references the “unique active suspension for superior handling and ride, which is seamlessly integrated into the Force 1, enhancing performance whether on track or road.” as one of his inspirations when partnering with Ben Keating of Viper Exchange on development.

And Viper Exchange may sound familiar too. They are our exclusive partners in offering the DSC Sport/Tractive DDA system to Dodge Viper owners. They sell more Vipers than any other dealer in the world, and now they will be the exclusive dealer for the VLF Force 1 V10 – all of which will be receiving the DSC Sport/Tractive DDA system.


The VLF Force 1 will feature the same DSC Sport/Tractive DDA active suspension package available for the gen V Dodge Viper offered through Viper Exchange


VLF Automotive will limit production to just 50 units for its initial production run. The Force 1 V10 comes standard with a 6-speed manual transmission and offers a 6-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters as an option. After leaving the DSC Sport facility, where we are dialing in its suspension, it will receive its final finishing touches before going to production.