Please be advised that there will be an increase on the MSRP of all DSC controllers by $100 effective 08-16-21.

The price increase is due to the significantly higher cost of microchips, circuit boards, labor to assemble, and inbound shipping cost of materials. We have been absorbing this increased manufacturing cost by keeping the MSRP the same for a full year. It is becoming unsustainable. Once again, the price increase will take effect on August 16th, 2021 by the amount of $100 (US Dollars) for all DSC controllers.

Thank you for your business.

About DSC Sport

DSC stands for Dynamic Suspension Control. Using an algorithm developed out of years of professional race data, DSC adjusts the damping level of each individual shock in virtually real time. The result is an active suspension setup that provides more grip to the tire, greater stability and ride control, and increased comfort for all driving styles and road conditions.

DSC Sport allows drivers to custom tune their suspension by creating various tuning maps within the DSC Sport Tuning Software. Users may wish to create custom maps for specific tracks or roads, unique rain set ups, or to improve compatibility with other aftermarket products and vehicle setups.

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