What does DSC Sport do?

DSC Sport offers a plug-and-play factory replacement controller that provides CAN-integrated Dynamic Suspension Control with unlimited tuning capability. Gathering CAN data from the vehicle in real time, DSC Sport sends a signal to each individual corner to control the damping level based on g-force, vehicle speed, brake/throttle input, and more (specific inputs vary by vehicle and package). The result is an active suspension setup that provides more grip to the tire, greater stability and ride control, and increased comfort for all driving styles and road conditions.

Will I notice a difference?

The difference DSC provides is HUGE! But don’t take our word for it, we’ve amassed hundreds of positive views from our customers and have curated some of our favorites on our website for your convenience. You can click the testimonials on the testimonial page to see the original (and complete) review. Be sure to check your favorite forums for more reviews!

“It’s game changing and truly transforms the cars performance. I have a hard time putting into words just how transformational the DSC Sport Controller is in EVERY driving situation. The handling gains during aggressive street driving and on the track are shocking. Hugh improvement over the OEM controller. Just truly amazing.”

— Rikhek, C7 Corvette

Will DSC cause my suspension to wear out faster?

No, DSC Sport does not add any stress to the factory dampers or other suspension components. In fact, the factory control method sends a constant current to the dampers, while DSC Sport alters the current and utilizes a series of on/off commands. Under normal usage, DSC Sport will ultimately send less current to the dampers allowing for better cooling during usage.

Does the DSC Sport controller come preloaded with a file for my car?

Yes. DSC Sport spends countless hours testing and tuning before releasing support for any vehicle. Each DSC Sport controller comes from our facility loaded with a calibration file optimized for virtually all users. In most cases, minor suspension modifications, such as lowering springs for example, do not require updating the calibration file.


Why can't I establish connection with the DSC Tuning Software?

  1. Check that you have downloaded and installed the Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge VCP Driver. Do not download a driver with Serial Enumeration; simply use the default driver for your operating system.
  2. Checking your COM port settings.
    • With the DSC controller connected, navigate to your computer’s control panel, then Device Manager.
    • In Device Manager, locate Ports > Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge and identify the COM port number. Example: (COM3)
      • If you do not see Ports > Go to Install Legacy hardware. Click next. Install hardware. Select Ports. On the list of Manufacturers select Silicon Labs. Model Communications Port.
    • Navigate to the DSC Sport tuning software. Go to Tools > Serial Settings. Identify the selected COM port number.
  3. Matching your COM port settings:
    • Close out of the DSC Sport tuning software
    • Unplug and reconnect the DSC controller
    • Double check the COM Port number in your Device Manager
    • Open the tuning software
    • Change the COM Port to match the COM Port selected in your Device Manager
    • Check to see if you can now perform a Read All function in the tuning software.
  4. Resetting COM port settings.
    • In the Device Manager, locate and open Ports > Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge.
    • Go to Port Settings > Advanced
    • Select COM Port 1
    • Close out of the DSC tuning software. Disconnect and reconnect the DSC Sport controller
    • Reopen the DSC tuning Software. Go to Serial Settings, make sure the COM Ports are matched.
    • Go to Tools > Read All to check if there is communication.
    • Repeat steps above, trying various COM ports (You shouldn’t need to go past COM10)
    • If you are still having difficulty connecting, repeat steps above, trying your device’s other USB ports.
How do I swap or edit tuning files?

The DSC Sport controller is fully user definable. Download the DSC Sport Tuning Software Installer and follow the installation instructions to access the Tuning Software. From here you can read and edit your current file, write new files to the DSC, datalog, troubleshoot, and more. Check out our Software User Manual for help with navigating the software.

Still need assistance? Contact tech support at or call (410) 799-7798 anytime Monday-Friday 8am-5pm EST for tech support.

How do I access the Wi-Fi in my DSC controller?

Wi-Fi support for applicable models is coming soon! Stay tuned for more info.

How do I know if I have the latest Firmware?

Checking your current Firmware version is easy. Using the DSC Sport Tuning Software, go to ToolsTest Serial Port. Press Start and enter “V” in the Write Out box. Then press Send. Your current Firmware version will appear.

Current DSC Sport Firmware versions can be found on our Firmware page. If no file is listed for your vehicle, there have most likely been no major updates for your vehicle. You can always contact DSC Sport for more information on Firmware versions.


How do I download the Tuning Software?

The DSC Sport Tuning Software is available for free on our website. Visit the Tuning Software page under Downloads, and follow the instructions for registering and downloading the software.


How do I become a dealer?

Becoming a DSC Sport dealer is an easy way to expand your product line and gain expert knowledge in active suspension technology and chassis tuning – the future of the suspension industry.

Visit our Become a Dealer page and fill out the contact form or contact us directly to discuss dealer opportunities.

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